Get to know Riverdale.

Riverdale was a small rural community until the Grand Trunk Railway began steaming through the area in the 1850’s. The railway brought industry and employment opportunities to Riverdale, and it also attracted a pool of labourers who built the first homes in Riverdale, south of the railway tracks.

North of Queen Street, Riverdale remained largely undeveloped until 1884 when it was annexed by the City of Toronto. At that time Riverdale was called Riverside, and the name was likely changed to Riverdale as a reference to the city park bearing the same name that has long been a landmark in the area.

Riverdale’s development was accelerated in 1918 with the building of Toronto’s largest bridge, the Prince Edward Viaduct. The Viaduct provided Riverdale with an important link to the City of Toronto, west of the Don River, and marked a coming of age for this popular Toronto neighbourhood.

Properties in Riverdale

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